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Lodging by the Month

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Dear Prospective Tenants of LODGING by the Month:

Enclosed is our one page information rental agreement. Our rooms measure 12 feet by 24 feet and are furnished in standard hotel room fashion. King size bed, (or two Queens), combination tub and shower, dresser, night stand, round guest table with arm chair, flat screen television with basic cable, individually controlled heat and air conditioning, compact refrigerator with freezer section, and microwave oven. Complimentary wireless internet is also provided.

You are welcome to bring in your own coffee maker, however, items that can cause a fire such as hot plates, toaster ovens, toasters and candles are strictly prohibited.

Single occupancy rent is $900.00 per month; $270.00 per week. Double occupancy rent is $1000.00 per month; $290.00 per week. A $250.00 security deposit, cash only, is required at check-in. Security deposit is refunded within 10 days after check-out in the form of a company check. The minimum rental period is 31 days. Occupancy Limit: No more than two guests per room.

If you should decide to reserve a room for check-in at a later date, we require a $100.00 non-refundable reservation fee. This fee is applied to your rental amount upon check-in. At various times throughout the year we become fully occupied. When this occurs, your name is placed on our waiting list. Existing tenants are required to provide us two weeks notice that they are checking out. As soon as we can make a commitment to you that a room will be available on a specific date, we will contact you. If you are still interested in accommodations, we will accept a deposit to hold a room for you.

Please feel free to call or stop in the office Monday - Thursday 9:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M., Friday 11:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Tracy and Todd Osann

Lease Agreement


Thank you for choosing to stay with us. We will do everything possible to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. In order to do so, the following information will be helpful.

Upon check in, we will need the first month's rent, plus a refundable $250 Security/Damage Deposit. We do not accept credit cards. We only accept certified funds for the security/damage deposit (cash or money order). Charges against your security/damage deposit will only occur in the event there is loss or damage to the property that is the result of your negligence. Invoices for damages are due and payable upon receipt. Guests may not use the security damage deposit to pay for rent that is due. Please make rent checks payable to: Exclusive Catering, Inc.

Weekly maid service requirement: One day per week, our housekeeper will visit your room to vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom, replenish paper products and soap, and change the sheets and towels. Rooms with one guest will be provided four (4) of each of the following: bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, and one (1) bath mat. Rooms with two guests will receive twice as much. Damaged or missing towels are $7.50 each.

Rent: One month (31 days) is the minimum rental period. Rent for additional months is due in advance and must be paid before the current rental period ends. Rates are subject to change upon three weeks notice. Only months not paid for in advance can be effected. Advance rental payments are not subject to refund due to early check out.

Utilities have been included in your rent. With our guest's assistance, we have been successful in providing favorable rental rates. If you are away from your room for a day or more, please turn the heating/cooling system off. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. P.S. Please turn off ALL lights when leaving room.

LATE FEES: A $50.00 late fee is due if payment is not received on or before the current rental period ends. Room rental rates are $55.00 per day until payment is received. A tenant who is late in paying rent will no longer be offered monthly rates. During regular business hours rent should be paid in the LODGING by the Month office. After hours deposit in the LODGING by the Month Drop Box. A lock out device will be placed on the door of any tenant whose rent is two days late.

Room keys have been coded for your security. We issue one key per room occupant, plus one spare (no more than two occupants per room). There is a lost key charge of $25 per key. If you are locked out and we are not available at our after hours number, you may at your expense, call a 24 hour locksmith at: 734-981-0030.

NOTICE: A minimum of two weeks notice is required to insure we will hold your room should you need accommodations beyond your current rental period. Written notice is required each month. Please place notices in the LODGING by the Month Drop Box. The security deposit shall be forfeited by tenants that do not keep their commitment to rent the following month. Tenants are required to check out at the end of the current rental period if notice is not given.  Notice forms will be provided to you. Written confirmation of your notice to continue renting will be provided.

Parking: When we expect to receive more than one inch of snow, park your car(s) as least four parking spaces away from the building so that the snow plowing company can remove snow from along the front of the building and walkways.

Refuse: Please bag and tie shut all trash. A dumpster is located on the west side of the building for trash.

Pets: No Pets Allowed.

Smoking: All rooms are 100% non-smoking (visitors included). The security damage deposit shall be forfeited by Tenants that smoke inside the Lodging rooms.

Security deposit will be mailed to your forwarding address once the housekeepers have cleaned and the room has been inspected. Tenant acknowledges HOTEL LAWS OF MICHIGAN shall govern this property.

Click here to download the lease agreement. (PDF)